Clinical care

Clinical Services

Providing excellent clinical care is vital to the health and wellbeing of clients so they can live life to the full.  Clinical care is also an important regulatory requirement and an integral aspect of managing risks.    It is vital that the governing body has oversight of clinical care through a clinical governance group. Lorraine Poulos & Associates bring a wealth of experience, expertise and practical know-how to all aspects of clinical care, for example we can:
  • Training – Clinical Governance for Boards and Management in Home Care
  • Support your organisation to implement clinical governance framework taking into account the scope of services you offer
  • Establish a dataset for reporting to the clinical governance body and provide guidance on measurement and analysis
  • Chair and coordinate all aspects of your Clinical Governance Committee (however titled) including ensuring the group are adequately monitoring clinical care
  • Assess clinical competencies for clinical skills such as medication management
  • Conduct an impartial and independent clinical audit of consumer files for completeness, accuracy, appropriateness
  • Provide ongoing clinical support service for issues arising
  • Develop clinical guides and resources for specific purposes such as observing and reporting changes to a consumer’s condition
  • Review of clinical documentation such as clinical policies and procedures
  • Education, training and resources about clinical topics
  • Independently investigate complaints, near-misses or critical incidents
  • Offer a range of other clinical services to meet your specific needs

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