Organisational Reviews and Audits

Lorraine and her team have a track record in supporting providers to review their service model for sustainability and quality. LPA will review and make recommendations on the following in your home care business:

  • Organisational capacity and expertise – review the current structure in the context of continued growth
  • Management structure and positions / future growth / expansion – review the mix in the context of growth
  • Financial sustainability
  • Workforce development- Make recommendations and staffing model for future growth
  • Technology and other infrastructure
  • Brokerage arrangements including a risk review
  • Organisational culture- review and provide opinion if needed
  • Review current business and financial model and recommend changes considering any aged care industry changes.
  • Meet with all levels of staff to discuss and consult re future planning
  • Review suggested growth strategy and KPI’s
  • Advise on streamlining of processes where practicable
  • Suggested improvements to financial model
  • Suggested improvements to business model

In order to meet standards of care, providers are required to adhere to regulated standards. Whether it is health, aged or community care focused, Lorraine and her team can assist with your auditing processes.

As the previous subject matter expert for the Department of Health and Ageing for the training of Quality Reviewers in Home Care Lorraine has provided training to government employees and the industry about audit methodology; triangulation of evidence and preparation for upcoming audits.

A  Qualified Lead Auditor of Quality Systems ,qualified aged care assessor and previous ACHS surveyor Lorraine is able to assist clients to understand what triangulation of evidence is and how to ensure success at audits. She believes that having strong systems and documentation are essential and reinforces this in training sessions and pre-audit services. An audit tool and education is provided to ensure sustainability in systems.

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