Co-design and Self-Management in Home Care-Virtual Event Recording




7 days access to our 2021 virtual event recording

With an increasing number of consumers wanting to self-manage their home care packages, this brings both benefits and challenges to providers. 
Poor management of self-managed packages can result in complaints, negative feedback and frustration.  

Yet it doesn’t need to be this way…

In this 3.5 hour webinar, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of good practice in co-design and self-managed home care packages. 
Co-hosted by consumer engagement expert Anna Millicer (from Get Smart Consultancy), this webinar is jam packed with actionable tips and information.

What are the key benefits of purchasing this virtual event recording?

By the end of this event, you’ll be an expert on:

✔  Self-management: legislative and regulatory perspectives
✔  Providers obligations in relation to the Aged Care Quality Standards
✔  Establishing a model of co-design and self-direction
✔  Key aspects of a self-management agreement
✔  Positive consumer engagement strategies
✔  Aligning the home care package with the intent and scope of the HCP program
✔  Assessment of needs and co-design of a home care package
✔  Working collaboratively with families
✔  Process for approval of invoices and managing receipts
✔  Reporting to consumers in a self-management package
✔  Facilitating client choice of support workers
✔  Crisis management and contingency planning
✔  Provider capabilities needed for co-design and self-management
✔  Challenges, risks, barriers and common pitfalls of co-design and self-direction
✔  Successful models of co-design and self-direction
✔   Assessing and managing risks e.g. carer burnout, risk of abuse, deterioration of
mental health and isolation etc.
✔  Methods and processes for self-management in relation to purchases and
financial control

And so much more…

7 days full access: to watch online from the comfort of your home or office!