From 1 April 2021, Requirement 8(3)(d) (iv) of the Aged Care Quality Standards requires all aged care providers to manage and prevent incidents, including through the use of an incident management system (IMS). This includes home services, Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services and flexible care services through which short term restorative care is provided in a home care setting.

From 1 July 2022, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission will require home care providers to meet the requirements of the its Serious Incidents Response Scheme (SIRS), currently only operating in residential aged care. We strongly recommend that you have an Incident Management System in place and working effective well before the introduction of SIRS. Being ready for the introduction of SIRS will take time and effort. This Done-for-You Incident Management Package will provide you with a flying start to establish an incident management system that is aligned to the SIRS requirements.

All of these documents are ready for you to add your logo and customise it to suit your organisation.

The Package includes:

  • Explanatory list and action plan for implementation
  • Incident Management Checklist
  • Overview of an incident management system
  • Sample policy on incident management
  • Incident report form
  • Critical incident investigation form
  • PowerPoint for training frontline staff on incident management
  • Staff accident and incident report
  • Guidance for oversight of incident management by governing bodies
  • Suite of useful resources