Medication Management Kit- training resources and competency tools


Are you concerned about Medication Management in your Home Care Service?

Is there confusion within your team about what is administration and what is prompting?

Do you have a clear training plan and competency testing methodology?

At Lorraine Poulos and Associates we are asked on a regular basis to assist providers to navigate this maze by producing a complete training package.

This package includes the following resources:

  • Training slides for you to teach your staff
  • Learner workbook
  • Competency testing schedule
  • Competency testing overview
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Instructions for competency testing
  • Training Plan report – blank
  • Training report sample completed


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Our revised and updated Medication Management Done-for-You package reflects contemporary practice and guidelines. It enables your organisation to provide training and conduct a skills assessment to ensure you can demonstrate your staff is trained and skilled to assist with medication.

This package provides everything you need including:

  • Explanatory guide to using the package
  • Training PPT slides for you to teach your staff
  • Learner workbook
  • Training plan sample schedule
  • Skills testing and overview
  • Statement of Achievement template
  • Skills training exercises and report
  • Sample medication signing chart
  • Sample medication plan
  • Master skills assessment
  • Assessment guide