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Aged Care Quality Standards Evidence checklists


We have developed checklists with evidence examples to assist Home Care Providers in preparing their evidence for a Quality Audit.

It contains helpful guidance and ideas about what is needed to be confident that a service is meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards. The tools can be adapted to suit your internal systems and practices.

Learn how to self audit so that you are prepared for any visit from the ACQSC.

This package includes the following resources:

  • ACQS readiness checklist
  • Clinical audit file
  • Evidence checklist Care Managers
  • Evidence Checklist Care Staff
  • Evidence Checklist
  • Improvement log
  • Master Standards Audit Checklist
  • Standards mapping document
  • Workforce Self-assessment checklist

Business Continuity Planning


Providers of funded home care are expected to have a Business Continuity Plan that provides guidance about how to manage a service should there be an interruption to normal business.

This resource provide a Done-for-You resource that will save you days of work.

It can be adapted for all care settings and covers a range of potential disasters and situations including COVID-19.


This package includes the following resources:

  • Business Continuity Readiness Checklist
  • BCP Outbreak Prevention and Management Checklist & Action Plan
  • Crisis planning for business template and checklists
  • Disaster and Business Recovery Plan 2020

Clinical Governance Framework


Clinical Governance is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of activities in which clinicians should become involved in order to maintain and improve the quality of the care they provide to patients and to ensure full accountability of the system to patients.

This package includes the following resources:

  • Guide to using these resources
  • Clinical governance checklist
  • Critical clinical governance questions
  • Sample clinical review agenda
  • Sample terms of reference Clinical Advisory Group
  • Clinical Governance Framework template

Completed care plan examples


Care Plan samples to assist care co-ordinators to document effectively.

Easy to use; able to be uploaded to your internal system; meet legislative requirements of funding bodies.

Medication Management Kit- training resources and competency tools


Are you concerned about Medication Management in your Home Care Service?

Is there confusion within your team about what is administration and what is prompting?

Do you have a clear training plan and competency testing methodology?

At Lorraine Poulos and Associates we are asked on a regular basis to assist providers to navigate this maze by producing a complete training package.

This package includes the following resources:

  • Training slides for you to teach your staff
  • Learner workbook
  • Competency testing schedule
  • Competency testing overview
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Instructions for competency testing
  • Training Plan report – blank
  • Training report sample completed